Right Driver Side Wing Mirror Glass For Kia Sorento 2015-2020

Right Driver Side Wing Mirror Glass For Kia Sorento 2015-2020

Brand new mirror glass stick on.

Please note this glass does not come with the backing plate and is not heated.

Please note images are for illistration purposes only. The correct glass will be sent for your vehicle and will fit perfectly.

Q: Which type of mirror I need? ...Q: Which type of mirror I require?

A: Standard type of mirror for most of cars is CONVEX. This type of mirror glass will give wider vision, the object in the mirror will be slightly smaller then in reality, which helps to see more in the mirror. Whether you require an upgraded version please look for WIDE ANGLE MIRROR WITH BLIND SPOT section. Those type of mirrors will have vertical line across the glass to eliminate blind spot.

Q: Do I require backing plate? ...

A: If your mirror was broken, you need to know if original backing plate (plastic frame of the mirror) is intact, or if it also needs replacing. Supposing that the original backing plate was intact, it would be enough to buy stick-on mirror glass and stick it to the plastic frame. If plastic element on the back of the mirror is missing please look for mirror with backing plate.

Q: Which side of the mirror I need? ...Q: Which side of the mirror I need?

A: Traffic in United Kingdom is Right Hand Drive, which means that steering wheel is on the right side of the car, therefore: *Driver's side - Right side - Off Side * *Passenger's side - Left Side - Near Side * -If your vehicle is not RHD or you are unsure which side of mirror you need, please remember that we are always here to help!

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