LG Magic Motion MR21GA Voice Remote Control for OLED,QNED,NanoCell TV 2021 Model

LG Magic Motion MR21GA Voice Remote Control for OLED,QNED,NanoCell TV 2021 Model

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Genuine LG Magic Motion MR21GA Remote Control for OLED, QNED, NanoCell TV 2021 Models Supports Air mouse and Voice Functions

This is genuine remote control from the manufacturer.

This Magic Remote control Compatible for LG AN-MR21GA Smart OLED TVs, Replaces AN-MR20GA, AN-MR19BA.

Also Works 2021, 2020, 2019 LG Models.
This Remote Control is genuine from LG with Netflix, Rokuten TV, Prime Video and Disney +.
Just insert 2 Alkaline batteries to work well.

Suitable Models

OLED Models: Z1, G1, C1, B1, A1.
QNED - 993, 963, 913.
 NanoCell - NANO75, NANO80, NANO85, NANO86, NANO 88, NANO9+.

4K UHD - UP75, UP76, UP77, UP80.
Supports Air mouse and voice functions.
Must have latest TV software update for remote to work.
This remote control Compatible for the following models

43NANO75, 43NANO756PA, 43NANO776PA, 43UP70003LA, 43UP70006LA, 43UP70009LA, 43UP74006LB, 43UP74009LB, 43UP75006LF, 43UP77003LB, 43UP77006LB, 43UP77009LB, 43UP77506LA, 43UP78003LB, 43UP78006LB, 43UP78009LB, 43UP80003LA, 43UP80006LA, 43UP80006LA, 43UP80009LA, 43UP81003LA, 43UP81006LA, 43UP81009LA, 50NANO75, 50NANO756PA, 50NANO776PA, 50NANO806PA, 50NANO856PA, 50NANO866PA, 50UP70003LA, 50UP70006LA, 50UP70009LA, 50UP74006LB, 50UP74009LB, 50UP75006LF, 50UP77003LB, 50UP77006LB, 50UP77009LB, 50UP77506LA, 50UP78003LB, 50UP78006LB, 50UP78009LB, 50UP80003LA, 50UP80006LA, 50UP80006LA, 50UP80009LA, 50UP81003LA, 50UP81006LA, 50UP81009LA, 55NANO75, 55NANO756PA, 55NANO776PA, 55NANO806PA, 55NANO856PA, 55NANO866PA, 55NANO906PB, 55NANO926PB, 55NANO956PA, 55NANO966PA, 55UP70003LA, 55UP70006LA, 55UP70009LA, 55UP74006LB, 55UP74009LB, 55UP75006LF, 55UP77003LB, 55UP77006LB, 55UP77009LB, 55UP77506LA, 55UP78003LB, 55UP78006LB, 55UP78009LB, 55UP80003LA, 55UP80006LA, 55UP80009LA, 55UP81003LA, 55UP81006LA, 55UP81009LA, 60UP73003LB, 60UP73009LB, 60UP77006LB, 60UP77506LA, 60UP80003LA, 60UP80006LA, 60UP80006LA, 60UP80009LA, 65NANO75, 65NANO756PA, 65NANO856PA, 65NANO866PA, 65NANO906PB, 65NANO926PB, 65NANO956PA, 65NANO966PA, 65QNED90, 65QNED99, 65UP70003LA, 65UP70006LA, 65UP70009LA, 65UP74006LB, 65UP74009LB, 65UP77003LB, 65UP77006LB, 65UP77009LB, 65UP77506LA, 65UP78003LB, 65UP78006LB, 65UP78009LB, 65UP80003LA, 65UP80006LA, 65UP80006LA, 65UP80009LA, 65UP81003LA, 65UP81006LA, 65UP81009LA, 70NANO75, 70UP71003LA, 70UP71009LA, 70UP77003LB, 70UP77006LB, 70UP77009LB, 70UP77506LA, 70UP80003LA, 70UP80009LA, 70UP81003LA, 70UP81006LA, 70UP81009LA, 75NANO75, 75NANO856PA, 75NANO926PB, 75NANO966PA, 75QNED90, 75QNED99, 75UP74006LB, 75UP74009LB, 75UP77003LB, 75UP77006LB, 75UP77009LB, 75UP77506LA, 75UP78003LB, 75UP78006LB, 75UP78009LB, 75UP80003LA, 75UP80006LA, 75UP80009LA, 75UP81003LA, 75UP81006LA, 75UP81009LA, 82UP80003LA, 82UP80006LA, 82UP80009LA, 82UP81006LA, 86NANO75, 86NANO926PB, 86QNED90, 86QNED99, 86UP80003LA, 86UP80006LA, 86UP80009LA, 86UP81006LA, OLED48A1RLA, OLED48C1RLA, OLED55A1RLA, OLED55B1RLA, OLED55C1RLA, OLED55G1RLA, OLED65A1RLA, OLED65B1RLA, OLED65C11LB, OLED65C12LA, OLED65C14LB, OLED65C14LB, OLED65C15LA, OLED65C16LA, OLED65C17LB, OLED65C1RLA, OLED65G1RLA, OLED77C1RLA, OLED77G1RLA, OLED83C1RLA

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